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Wartung für e-zigaretten

  • 1. Place. E-cigarette placement should comply with a reason, when there is smoke oil in the atomizer, the cigarette holder should be placed upward, and when there is no smoke oil, it is relatively arbitrary, but it is best not to stand on your head to prevent the remaining smoke oil in the atomizer from being exposed.

    2.EGO Battery maintenance. Battery maintenance is more important, because e-cigarette battery is a major component, the battery as far as possible after running out of electricity and then charging, charging once, do not power off halfway, the battery is full of half an hour after taking out, long time not to turn off the e-cigarette power, the general e-cigarette is 2 seconds consecutive switch 5 times. When the e-cigarette is not in use, the battery should be taken out into the

    3. Wotofo Atomizers. The atomizer core lies in the atomizing core, which is composed of resistance and oil guide rope and some accessories. The most common problem with atomizers is that they produce a burnt smell. The reason is that the resistance heating will burn the oil rope produced. So in the process of use, we should pay attention to the residual amount of smoke oil, do not dry burning. Adjustable pressure cabin to adjust the voltage properly, do not pursue high voltage, suitable taste is good, if you want to smoke, must pay attention to the smoke oil, general smoke oil surplus in 2/3 or more, with 5-6V voltage is not easy to produce burnt taste, with the smoke oil reduce to slowly reduce the voltage.

    4. Some treatment of oil leakage and oil in atomizers. Conventional nebulizers generally have a vent hole at the bottom for air. But over time, there will be a little smoke oil (but will not leak to the fuselage, can not feel outside) overflow, this is the normal situation. It is recommended to separate the battery from the atomizer and wipe it with a paper towel each time you add the smoky oil. Because the general day add about smoke oil, a day can wipe once; There are two main cases of oil in the atomizer: First, there is oil in the place where the cigarette holder contacts with the mouth, the reason may be that the oil is mistakenly added to the smoke outlet, and there is a paper towel to wipe it; Second: there is oil in the smoke but there is no oil in the cigarette holder. There is oil in the smoke outlet. Treatment method: wipe the atomizing core and stretch it into the smoke outlet with paper towels to suck the dry smoke oil.

    5. Cleaning dead rabbit rda coil, in fact, has always been used in oil-drop atomizers, sometimes the carbon accumulation is very serious. The specific approach is to remove the cotton, and then heat the red ring, loosen the ignition switch, in the premise of no electricity, put the coil into the faucet, wash away the accumulated carbon

    6. Charging precautions: Remove the battery when it is fully charged. When charging, please put the battery on the aegis legend charger clockwise. At this time, the LED light on the e-cigarette blinks three times and turns red, indicating that the mech mod charger is in charge state

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