60% off WISMEC INDE DUO RDA / Theorem RTA / Neutron RDA / Cylin RTA

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    • 60% off WISMEC INDE DUO RDA / Theorem RTA / Neutron RDA / Cylin RTA

      WISMEC INDE DUO RDA 60% off Coupon Code:60vaporl
      The Wismec Inde Duo RDA by JayBo features the integration of several of the most innovative designs to date in rebuildable dripping systems, with vortex flow, top airflow design, two choices of either a 22mm or 30mm atomizer tube and a 5 post hole build deck. The Wismec Inde Duo features an innovative top cap design, offering a fully adjustable vortex flow system that users can adjust via the rotating airflow control ring. The Wismec Inde Duo features a unique approach to post terminals, with a 5 post velocity style deck easily allowing you to build exotic and large coil structures. The Wismec Inde Duo is capable of handling even the most exotic and intricate builds.

      WISMEC Theorem RTA 60% off Coupon Code:60vaporl
      The Wismec Theorem RTA, designed by Jay Bo and inspired by Suck My Mod, this genesis style rebuildable tank is a blast from the past! Featuring an open wick design, coils sit directly above the tank with the cotton tails hanging down into the tank. The Theorem’s genesis style design allows you to take advantage of a rebuildable and a tank without any added hassle of dripping or leaking! To further prevent leaking and boosting flavor, it also utilizes a top airflow design to increase vapor density. Along with the Theorem you will also receive two Stainless Steel Notch coils. The Notch Coils provide excellent flavor, increased surface area, and almost zero ramp up time due to their low resistance.

      WISMEC Neutron RDA 50% off Coupon Code:50vaporl
      The Wismec Neutron RDA by JayBo Designs integrates one of the most dynamic open-system build deck apparatus, greatly expanding build configuration possibilities due to it's unique, interchangeable design alongside precision top airflow control and signature vortex flow technology. JayBo Designs has returned with one of the most innovative platform yet, geared towards high-level performance with a 25mm diameter coupled with top airflow control that works in synergy with Wismec's signature Vortex Flow technology.

      Wismec Cylin RTA 50% off Coupon Code:50vaporl
      The Wismec Cylin RTA designed by JayBo is an auto dripping system which utilizes a removable tank section. The Cylin RTA can become both a dripper or tank system with juice flow adjustment. The bottom airflow on the Cylin is quite unique and leak resistant. The air travels up through the positive and negative posts hitting the coil directly which ensures complete coil coverage and dense flavor. The removable tank section is also compatible with other dripping atomizers, converting them into auto drippers.